Wednesday, October 5, 2016

BIG ND Yard Dice "Raffle Item"

"Up for Raffle"
BIG Yard Dice 
Notre Dame Yardzee Game
6 raffle tickets for $5
Inspired by the classic game of Yahtzee this set of yard dice is perfect for tailgating, cook-outs, yard parties, and more! 

You can see the raffle item and purchase tickets (6 for $5) at 547 Flanner Hall or contact 1-6623 I will deliver your tickets.
You will receive:
  • 3.5 Gallon Bucket for rolling dice and storage.
  • 5 -  Solid Wood Dice 
  • Laminated score card on clipboard for Yardzee.
  • Dry Erase marker
Dice are cut from solid wood, sanded with routered corners for easier rolling, dots are actual divots just like real dice, hand painted with two coats of acrylic then a clear protective coating. Since they are handmade, each die is unique and slightly different due to the natural grain of the wood.

All proceeds benefit the College of Arts and Letters annual October fundraiser to raise funds for those in St. Joseph County in need of mammogram screenings and/or diagnostic mammograms.

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