Saturday, October 1, 2016


Dear all,

Again it is time to kick off the annual Race to the Goal, our October fundraiser to raise funds for those in St. Joseph County in need of mammogram screenings and/or diagnostic mammograms. This is our 17th year! This year we are mixing it up a bit, the College of Engineering will participate in our fundraiser as a friendly competition, well kind of friendly, because we are the champions when it comes to fundraising!  In 2015 we raised $7,619.72 putting our grand total over$125,000! This year, between A & L and Engineering we should easily exceed our biggest year, 2008, when we raised $16,802. 

So....bring it on Engineering!

  • Remember, Every Wednesday is Power of Pink Day. You can wear jeans as long as you wear pink! If you would like to wear jeans the entire month of October donate $20.00 and you are good to go!
  • As you come up with ideas to raise funds, please feel free to use to promote your fundraising event. 
  • The College will again have the Arts and Letters button down shirts and I will be ordering them everyPink Wednesday during the month of October. Please have your orders in by noon. If paying by check please make the check out to the University of Notre Dame in the amount of $35.00, $10.00 goes to the fundraiser and $25.00 is for the cost of the shirt.
  • We still have stadium bricks, $25.00.
Events we know about...

October 1- The Race Begins!

October 7 - Trivia lunch, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, in the Great Hall hosted by the Communication Office, see our blog for more information.

October 12 - Chili Off, hosted by the Art Department (more details to follow).

October 28 - Harvest Soup Lunch, hosted by the Theology Department (more details to follow).

One more thing, I promise...If donating by check, make payable to: United Health Services. Remember, United Health Services is the facilitator of our money; we do not raise funds for them. We fundraise for those in St. Joseph County in need of mammogram screenings and/or diagnostic mammograms.

Have a great weekend, come back on Monday with more ideas for the Race!


Mo Marnocha
Assistant Director Personnel and Operations 
University of Notre Dame
College of Arts and Letters
100 O'Shaughnessy Hall

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